Hey Wow - It's Back!

Steven William

New member
I was a member of the original DBSDish years ago, and of the subsequent DBSForums. I still have the coffee mug for the latter site on my desk (as a pen holder). It's great to see this forum back! Hopefully it attracts the other old-time posters as well!
Yes we are back! It’s just a matter of spreading the word and letting everyone know.

Although I’m not the original owner of dbsdish, I wanted to offer everyone a non biased alternative to satelliteguys and DBSTalk.

As everyone is all aware, we got Scott over at Satelliteguys in bed with Dish. We have dbstalk, but that is now owned by a Canadian company. Both forums are littered with advertisements.

I don’t need your money, I don’t want your money. I just want to get back to what we used to have which was a place to discuss all things dbs.

I have been wanting to start a 3rd satellite forum for a long time now. I had several domain names registered and ready to use, however when this name became available again, I thought it was the best option to get back to basics so to speak.